General Posting Rules is a family platform and we want to make sure that our content is clean, friendly and usable for everyone.

Some things are just non-negotiable. These rules are some of them:

What products are eligible to be traded (Buy/sell) on

  • We only accept ads in English and Afrikaans.
  • All items, products and services that break the law are strictly prohibited. This is pretty serious! If you're unsure, please see the list of prohibited items.
  • Uploading images that have been used in other active ads are picked up as a duplicate image by our system and will result in your ad being auto-rejected. Please make sure that all your ads are uploaded using different images.
  • Photos shouldn't have any watermarks on them.
  • Make sure that your photos are suitable and appropriate to the item, product or service being advertised.
  • No stock images allowed in all categories unless you're a buyer posting an ad looking for a particular item, or you're posting in the for the Jobs category and vacation rentals sub-category. In the vacation rentals sub-category, images from Club Mykonos website may not be used.
  • All items and services must be available in Zambia only!
  • Please make sure you use the phone number field when adding in your contact details. You may only include your contact number in the description of your ad in the Services, Jobs, and Property & Vehicles categories.
  • All ads must be clear, factual and not offensive in any way.
  • Only one clickzed account per user is allowed. Creating multiple accounts for the sole purpose of duplicating ads is not permitted.
  • Ads must be posted in the correct or most relevant category.
  • No website links to other property/job/classified or auction sites, and such other sites as we may deem to be inappropriate.
  • We do not allow URL'S in the title of your ad, however, you may add a URL in description of your ad as long as it's a link to additional information or to a page with more pictures. We do not allow links that are designed solely to redirect traffic to another website, or to link you to a page with an alternate contact method - this includes Twitter, Instagram and Facebook handles.
  • Duplicate ads are not cool or allowed.
  • You may not copy other user ads, your ad must be original.
  • Language must be appropriate. No vulgar language or profanity allowed.

In addition, we have specific posting rules for specific categories:

All ads that violate any terms of use or rules as posted in this Help section, may be removed from our platform.