Why is my ad rejected?

There are a few reasons why your ad may not appear immediately on the clickzed.com platform and could have possibly been removed. This depends on a few things like:

  • You have violated our General Posting Rules
  • You have posted a service or Items we do not allow on Clickzed
  • Users flagged the ad as being spam or offensive.
  • The ad expired automatically after being listed for its full duration.
  • Your ad has been reported to us and your access has been restricted.
  • Uploading images that have been used in other active ads are picked up as a duplicate image by our system and will result in your ad being auto-rejected. Please make sure that all your ads are uploaded using different images
  • We do not allow URL'S in the title of your ad, however, you may add a URL in description of your ad as long as it's a link to additional information or to a page with more pictures. We do not allow links that are designed solely to redirect traffic to another website.
  • Posting duplicate ads are not cool and a definite no-go on clickzed. If you post multiple items or even in multiple locations, your ads will be removed and could lead to your access being restricted.
  • We do not allow vehicles to be sold without papers.
  • As per the National Credit Act (NCA), users are not allowed to create adverts that contain prohibited statements including statements such as "blacklisted clients welcome”, “blacklisted and listed we can help”, “blacklisted approved, no credit checks required, free credit" or any wording that has substantially the same meaning.
  • Make sure the price of your item does not exceed or go drastically below the second market value.
  • If you post an offer for formal employment, you need to use an active, legitimate business domain. We do not allow job postings using general email addresses, such as Gmail, Webmail, Hotmail, etc. You will be able to use your persona email address if you're posting an ad as private individual looking to hire a nanny or domestic help.
  • Remember, your photo's need to be relevant and appropriate. Bathroom or bedroom selfies are not cute!

If however, you strongly believe that you have adhered to our posting policies and rules, please don't hesitate to contact us.